ACCESS Scholarship for the PSB Diploma in Blockchain

At ACCESS Singapore, we are committed to advancing capacity building in the Blockchain space. That is why we are excited to partner PSB Academy in launching the Diploma in Blockchain. It is the first developer-focused blockchain diploma in Singapore and one of the few in the region.

To further support the program, ACCESS Singapore would like to extend a S$4,000.00 scholarship to each student that enrols in the program for the first four cohorts, capped at the first 50 students, whichever comes first.

Successful applicants will have to sign a simple undertaking with ACCESS and PSB Academy, acknowledging the following:

  1. Scholarship recipients must be registered members of ACCESS Singapore and maintain their membership throughout the duration of the program (membership instructions can be found at the top of the ACCESS page);
  2. ACCESS membership and PSB Academy fees must be paid on-time;
  3. Scholarship recipients must complete the program with their enrolling cohort;
  4. Scholarship recipients must fulfil the course needful criteria, including attaining at least the minimum passing grades and attendance requirements.

The undertaking and further details will be sent to successful applicants. ACCESS reserves the right to decline applicants who do not fulfil the application criteria.

Learn more about the PSB Diploma program at:



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