Compliance Action Task Force


ACCESS would like to invite all Members that are applying for the Payment Services Act License to join the Compliance Action Task Force (CATF)

The goal of the CATF is to create a information and knowledge sharing network for our members to: 

  1. Foster greater collaboration in tackling fraud and scam the industry faces
  2. Safeguard the integrity of our financial system by preventing illicit money from entering the system.
  3. Share industry best practices, new technological innovation, skills and people development in the crypto compliance space
  4. To be the voice of the industry by collaborating with the government agencies through workshops and feedback session in the implementation of new regulatory changes and improvement

ACCESS will also invite representatives from the Singapore Police Force, Commercial Affairs Department and Monetary Authority of Singapore in this monthly workgroup.

The representative of each company participating in the CATF should ideally be the compliance manager or the person playing the role of compliance officer. As PSA applicants are not allowed to have third party vendors as their compliance officer, we regret that such representatives will not be permitted to participate in this workgroup.

When: Every 3rd Friday at 4pm (TBC)

Where: Zoom Meeting