Manifesto for a New Era of Blockchain Innovation

As I step back into the role of Chair at ACCESS, having previously stepped down in 2021, I am invigorated by the mandate to extend our influence beyond the borders of Singapore and Malaysia, establishing ACCESS as a beacon of blockchain innovation and compliance on a global scale. Our mission is firmly rooted in the principle of being "compliant by design," ensuring that our advancements are in harmony with global regulatory standards from the outset.

The potential of blockchain technology spans various sectors and applications, transcending the conventional boundaries of decentralized finance (DeFi). As we pivot back to these expansive opportunities, the Collaboration and Innovation Subcommittee will lead our efforts. This subcommittee is tasked with harnessing collective expertise to ignite innovation across all areas of blockchain technology, from supply chain solutions to digital governance.

Under my leadership, ACCESS will not only continue to engage rigorously with regulatory bodies through our Virtual Asset Payments Group (VAPG) and Compliance Action Task Force (CATF) but will also push forward our global expansion efforts. We aim to empower our innovators to develop solutions that seamlessly align with regulatory landscapes, ensuring that our innovations are both pioneering and prudent.

Together, let's drive ACCESS towards a future where we lead in blockchain innovation and compliance, making significant impacts both locally and internationally. Our commitment to fostering a compliant, innovative ecosystem will set new standards for what blockchain technology can achieve globally.

Anson Zeall

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