Code of Conduct

Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

Members and Representatives shall at all times conduct their business in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Singapore and comply with applicable government laws, rules and regulations and other appropriate regulatory agencies.


Members and Representatives shall be open and truthful, both within an organisation and to clients, counterparties and stakeholders, even when that may be difficult or possibly result in loss of business.


Members and Representatives shall conduct their business in a manner that is objective and impartial. Fairness requires managing one’s own prejudices and interests to ensure that biases or conflicts do not compromise professional conduct.

Manage Conflicts of Interest

Members and Representatives shall be sensitive to potential conflicts of interest, and always appropriately disclose or manage them, even if this requires removing oneself from a transaction that leads to a conflict. Members and Representatives shall not misuse their position in ACCESS, or information they acquire by virtue of their position in ACCESS, for personal or corporate gain.

Responsibility for Actions

Members and Representatives shall accept responsibility for their decision making processes, the actions (or inaction) that they choose to take, and the foreseeable consequences that arise from those decisions.

Industry Leadership

Members and Representatives shall proactively promote and be an example of ethical behavior as a responsible partner among peers, in the commercial cryptocurrency environment and the community.


Members and Representatives shall not represent nor speak on behalf of ACCESS unless expressed approval has been obtain from the Executive Committee.


Members and Representatives shall protect all information that is sensitive, confidential or private from misuse. A Member or Representative shall only use or disclose such information for the purposes for which it was collected or a permissible secondary use, unless disclosure is otherwise required by law.

    ACCESS reserves all rights to convene a disciplinary hearing with any member found to be acting in contravention of the ACCESS Code of Conduct.