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Since the rise of privately issued cryptocurrencies, we have seen an extraordinary decade for digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies have shown massive, yet at times volatile, growth built off the back of their promise to disrupt or even displace fiat. Today, the total market capitalisation of cryptocurrencies towers at over USD$300 billion. In response to market demand, new forms of cryptocurrencies, such as stable coins and public sector-led central bank-issued digital currencies, have emerged.
As we enter the next decade, what will the next generation of cryptocurrencies look like? Can they fulfil the promise of contributing to a more convenient, efficient and affordable global payment paradigm? Or will the sceptics prevail in their view that cryptocurrencies will remain as speculative fads, characterised by excessive volatility and heightened risks?
Join three luminaries in the cryptocurrency world
– Dante Disparte from Libra, Mike Kayamori from Liquid and Tyler Winklevoss from Gemini – as we dive into the future of the crypto space:
- As the crypto space evolves, will we see stiffer competition or greater consolidation amongst the cryptocurrencies? Will the next generation of cryptocurrencies render fiat currency redundant?
- Can stablecoins integrate more with the existing payment ecosystem? Will they?
- Regulation of digital currencies across different jurisdictions are still maturing. What should regulators do to keep pace with innovations in cryptocurrencies? How should dealers and exchanges navigate the international regulatory landscape in the meantime?
Date & Time: 10 September, 9am-10am (SGT) | 9 September, 9pm-10pm (EST)
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